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Saturday, 7-Jul-2007 14:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I wish I were at a casino on this lucky day!

So the finale of Harry Potter is upon us and I am absolutely devastated. I am excited to read Deathly Hallows but at the same time, I know then when I close the book, it will be over forever. Stephen King said "Goodbye" to Harry in his article in Entertainment Weekly and it made me realize in how much of my life and our culture in general Harry Potter is engrained.

"The Internet blog sites will be full of this was bad and that was wrong, but it's going to boil down to something that many will feel and few will come right out and state: No ending can be right, because it shouldn't be over at all. The magic is not supposed to go away."

Saturday, 16-Jun-2007 14:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Can't believe I got editors choice! Very exciting. Here are the birdies but a little more grown up. They have since flown away and started their own lives but these are from when they were littler. My dog Jersey loved looking at them every day (being very friendly and curious) and he still looks in the empty nest now, trying to find them and wondering where they have gone. When the first bird flew away, actuallly, it kind of flew right at his face at first and startled him. Crazy little animals. It was so emotional to see them grow up! I feel like we were their parents and it was heartbreakign to see them finally fly away.

Saturday, 2-Jun-2007 15:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
June already?

Nest #1
Nest #2
Nest #3
Time is flying. I'm starting to realize that the older I get, the faster everything will go by and I actually find myself not only appreciating but hoping for those days that seem to drag on forever.

We are surrounded by baby birds. We had 3 nests at once but two have already moved on. 3 baby birds in the nest on the front door, 2 baby robins on the ledge outside the window, and 4 baby robins in the bush by the back door. The first two nests we found when the birds were already born. The one in the bush, though, we have watched since they were just tiny blue eggs. We're watching them grow and they are so cute and fluffy.

Thursday, 24-May-2007 19:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I'm Back!

WOW. I have been getting emails about fotopage updates and have been so sad to not have any time to keep up with this site. FINALLY, though, it is summer. The fall semester was a piece of cake compared to the spring, where I was taking 19 credits as opposed to the usual 16, working 2 jobs, and dealing with one absolutely horrible class. It was called Mothers and Daughters, and I thought it would be a nice english elective to take (I am not even an english major) and would help me understand my relationship with my mother and all that fun stuff. It turned out to be about the depression of motherhood and the unhappiness and misery associated with being pregnant, as well as dealing with daughters' hatred of their mothers and the mothers' jealousy of their daughters. Possibly the most depressing stuff I have ever had to read.

Anyway, my dad and I recently ventured to Chicagoland for a two-day trip of memories. We lived in Arlington Heights from about '88 - '92. May 17th was my dad's 50th anniversary of his first baseball game so we went out to see the Yankees where they were playing the White Sox at US Cellular. The next day we went to Wrigley and saw the Cubs play the White Sox. We did some touring, visited our old house, my old school (where they actually remembered me!), and ate at some of our favorite old restaurants. We also saw this adorable goose family.

I really hope to keep my promise when I say I'm staying for good (at least for the summer, that is!) and that I'll keep up with posting. Until next time!

Thursday, 21-Sep-2006 01:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Coke and Mentos

It's been a while (again!) and life has once again begun spinning at an uncontrollable rate. I have a job now (and potentially a 2nd one, too). Working in retail at Crabtree and Evelyn, learning a boatload of product knowledge, and using free lotion all day! It is not as easy as it sounds though, and I have now have complete respect for anyone who happens to be working on the other side of the counter.

School has started up again and I am diving into my position on the student government, as well as my studies. Taking two 4-credit classes (as opposed to the regular 3-credits) AND trying to find time for friends and, lastly, myself.

The good news is when I DO find time to post (hopefully will be more often than I am leading you to believe) I will have some interesting stories about interesting customers (and there are MANY, already).

So much has happened! Got a new hybrid car and doing my best to make the world a cleaner, healthier, happier place. Still playing piano with lessons once a week and watching my yankees as they try to clinch the division championships yet again.

The picture is of the infamous "coke and mentos" experiment. I don't really know the science of it, but it has something to do with the candy coating on the mentos (not the actual mentos) that react with the coke that make this reaction... Twas very cool, to say the least.

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